alexcurran-2010apr7.jpgSeeing photos of Alex Curran leaving the hair salon reminds me that it's been a little slow on WAG front! We had quite the fashion-fest during the holidays, but they all seem to have gone quiet. I'm thinking the paparazzi was otherwise occupied during awards show season.

But here she is, the most fashionable of them all, Alex Curran, still enjoying her VERY major Balmain jacket. I will say one thing (and don't be sending me emails!) - she actually wears the designer items she buys, and more than once! Not like some celebs who take, wear, then give back.

She's a shopper, sure, but don't forget we have also seen Topshop & River Island bags! This jacket is still available online (link below) - she pairs it with on-trend Breton stripes, and I'm digging the pyramid studded ballerinas.

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red-arrowBalmain as seen on Alex Curran
Black Jacket With Big Crystal BroochGet the Look
Black Jacket With Big Crystal ..
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