Sienna Miller: Buy her Russell & Bromley studded boots online! - 1.3 out of 5 based on 3 votes
siennamiller-boot.jpgI'm calling these boots "Russell & Bromley" as that's where everyone has been been looking! And since it took a miracle to get my own pair (very lucky, it was on a Monday morning when the store on Kings Road just opened!), I also know how quickly these sold out (twice!). Many readers have been asking, and searching, so I thought I would share this little tidbit..

Bet you didn't know there is an another exact version out there, the original boot is actually by Italian designer Strategia, and you can buy these online over at reader fav They are available in sand suede, and as of writing this, there are LOTS of sizes. The price point is exactly the same as Russell & Bromley. Me, I paid £299, and online they are €325.00 (virtually the same). And delivery to UK is free!

Happy shopping, folks... oh, in case you didn't know, Sienna wore her All Saints Ditsy Ezra dress with the boots, back in March, it was profiled at the time..

stt-full_stt2334206.jpg MORE INFO/BUY
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