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Spot: Kara Tointon chanelled her inner flapper girl on the red carpet at the Olivier Awards 2012, sparkling a pretty in a dress you can buy online! She chose Alice & Olivia, which continues to be a celebrity fav - the Minka dress is a terrific little new season number for your next event. Black & nude fanned sequined charmeuese dress with boat neckline and open back, it's definitely a slim silhouette.. and Kara does look quite slim here indeed!

This isn't her first time at the Olivier Awards, but this year she was actually a presenter (for the Best New Dance Production), and while we didn't see Artem on her arm, they are still very much together!

The dress is online at Oxygen Boutique (for UK readers), and if you're in the USA, check out Neiman Marcus. She completed her 20s inspired look with a terrific hairstyle - retro finger waves, and a gorgeous bejewelled hair clip, click here for a closeup photo, and more below..

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kara tointon alice & olivia dress olivier awards
red-arrowAlice & Olivia as seen on Kara Tointon
Alice olivia Minka Sequin Shift DressGet the Look
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Alice Olivia Minka Sequined DressGet the Look
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kara tointon alice & olivia dress olivier awards
Kara Tointon in nude & black sequin dress by Alice & Olivia at The Olivier Awards 2012 held at the Royal Opera House on April 15, 2012.
kara tointon alice & olivia dress olivier awards kara tointon alice & olivia dress olivier awards

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