Shopping Spot: Buy Paul & Joe Sister blue Bambi print top online as seen on Claudia Winkleman from 'Strictly Come Dancing It Takes Two' - October 19th episode

How darling is this Bambi print..? A big thanks to Claudia Winkleman on 'Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two' for bringing it to our attention! It's proving to be quite popular - she wore a beige ruffled top & skirt in a similar print last week, and the top has sold out already.

This is Paul & Joe Sister (same label it was last week!) and this is just a great item, not much more I can say! It is available online over at, and this online store has been getting more coverage here recently. On SCD Sunday's results show Tess Daly was weaing a black bodycon dress with crystals from By Malene Birger that you could also buy online at My-Wardrobe.

On a personal note, my much-coveted Vivienne Westwood Orb handbag came from there - and if you're looking for a Mulbery Alexa, they have a few in stock right now! Back to Claudia now.. stills & link below..

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red-arrowPaul & Joe Sister as seen on Claudia Winkleman
Ramage Bambi Print Artist Shirt by Paul amp Joe SisterGet the Look
Ramage Bambi Print Artist Shirt by Paul ..
£130.00   $212
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Photos: BBC

Paul & Joe Sister online!

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