Shopping Spot: Buy Mulberry chestnut shoulder bag with gold hardware online as seen on Fearne Cotton from outside the BBC Radio 1 studios London on April 22nd, 2011

Fearne Cotton's Street Chic is always welcomed here, but today I have an ulterior motive (yes, it's a good one!).

As you know, Fearne is a Mulberry girl through and through (with a sampling of Marc Jacobs and Anya Hindmarch mixed in for good measure). She also seems to nab herself some very coveted Mulberry bags.. she had the red Neely last summer, which was super hot, and she had the blush Bayswater before we had access..

Her latest fav is the Tillie, affectionately known as the Alexa's baby sister. It's cute to hear that a handbag has a baby sister, but it's the perfect description. Fearne has been enjoying her chestnut Tille satchel on a few occasions (profiled here), and I'm thrilled to share two more online spots of this 'zact handbag.

I'm also thrilled to share the news that I will now be showing Harrods on the site.. this luxury department store needs NO introduction (I couldn't even presume!), but what you might not know is the website has become very fashion friendly, full of designers profiled here on a daily basis. Sure you can buy the giftie treats there, but it is definitely a destination for our type of treats!

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fearne cotton mulberry handbag
red-arrowMulberry as seen on Fearne Cotton
Mulberry Tillie SatchelGet the Look
Mulberry Tillie Satchel..
£812.00   $1326
Harrods »
Mulberry Tillie Satchel in ChestnutGet the Look
Mulberry Tillie Satchel in Chestnut..
£812.00   $1326
Selfridges »
fearne cotton mulberry tillie

CLICK HERE to browse Harrods online!

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