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Kim Kardashian in J. BrandKim Kardashian is sporty in J Brand denim jacket with coated sleeves, leaving Jenky's Cafe in Sherman Oaks with her mother Kris on Friday (March 1, 2013).

It's a busy time for Kim (when is it not?), not only will she moving into her new house in Bel Air with Kanye soon, she continues to use every life event as a new business opportunity! Her latest project is a "mommy blog" extension to her current website.

We're here to talk fashion, and I'm sharing this spot for anyone looking for a new denim jacket, as you should definitely put this trend on your list! Leather (or coated) sleeve denim jackets are a very popular celebrity trend, and there are some very affordable choices. Kim herself is wearing J Brand 403 Slim Fitted Jacket in "coated bowie", and you will find it available at both Revolve Clothing and Boutique To You. I've also put together a terrific selection in assorted prices.

And a quick handbag update, Kim is carrying Balenciaga Classic Polly bag in a gorgeous black suede. Practical, very stylish and available at Matches Fashion!

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Kim Kardashian J Brand denim jacket leather sleeves
red-arrowJ Brand denim jacket as seen on Kim Kardashian
J Brand Coated Sleeve Denim Jacket in BowieGet the Look
J Brand Coated Sleeve Denim Ja..
$259.00   £161
Revolve Clothing »
J Brand 403 Slim Fitted Jacket in Coated BowieGet the Look
J Brand 403 Slim Fitted Jacket..
$260.00   £161
Boutique To You »
Balenciaga Classic Polly BagGet the Look
Balenciaga Classic Polly Bag..
$1,592.00   £987
Matches Fashion »
Kim Kardashian J Brand denim jacket March 2013
Kim Kardashian Balenciaga handbag March 2013
Kim Kardashian in denim jacket with leather sleeves by J. Brand, out & about in Los Angeles on March 1st.
red-arrowDenim jackets with coated sleeves
Paige Denim Coated Sleeve JacketGet the Look
Paige Denim Coated Sleeve Jack..
$239.00   £148
Neiman Marcus »
Forever21 Faux Leather Sleeve Moto JacketGet the Look
Forever21 Faux Leather Sleeve ..
$32.80   £20
Forever21 »
BLANKNYC Denim Moto Jacket with Vegan Leather Sleeves in RoofyGet the Look
BLANKNYC Denim Moto Jacket wit..
$105.00   £65
Revolve Clothing »
Rag Bone JEAN Jean Jacket with Leather SleevesGet the Look
Rag Bone JEAN Jean Jacket with..
$495.00   £307
Shopbop »


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