sjp-2009sep1b.jpgHere we have Part 2 of Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of Sex and The City 2 on September 1st! It's going to be really tough not to speculate, and i'm not entirely sure I want to see the wardrobe line-up this far in advance.. it's nice to be surprised, dontcha think?

Well, it has to be done, the photos are here and we can't ignore them! For starters, what jumps out at me is the immediate connection to Christian-Louboutin (what happened to her love affair with Manolos?) - check out the Gino T-Strap pumps, we saw these in Spring 2009. And the bag.. love the bag.. a familiar face in a different colour, so to speak. The Sylvia Hobo.

This pink bag is Christian-Louboutin's Sylvia Drapey Hobo - if you like this shape, a grey version is available online now! Links below to buy, and more snaps of SJP!
stt-full_sarah_jessica_parker_09_stt5343607.jpg stt-full_sarah_jessica_parker_11_stt5343605.jpg
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