Jennifer Lopez in Zac Posen blue dress vs Victoria Beckham parachute dress @ Simon Fuller Hollywood Walk of Fame - 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Spot: Zac Posen & Victoria Beckham as seen on Jennifer Lopez & Victoria Beckham at Simon Fuller - Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Induction Ceremony on May 23rd.

Simon Fuller was honored yesterday with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and drew some pretty impressive names! It's rare to see Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham at the same event, although I seem to recall these two were pals a few years ago when the Beckhams first moved to Los Angeles. Wonder if that's still the case?

Jennifer looked terrific in a rather form-fitting blue dress by Zac Posen, from the Fall/Winter 2011 runway, and this has been a great few months for Jen, fashion-wise and otherwise! The big American Idol Final is this week, her album is doing well, she's involved in her charities, and continues to add new projects to her list. I have to say I'm a fan... and my goodness, she looks radiant in the close-up below.

Victoria looked a little more serious at the ceremony, but managed to break into a small smile. I spose that's just her way - she looked pretty darn serious at the Royal Wedding, which was such a contrast to David, who was smiling and chatting to fellow guests. At Simon Fuller's ceremony, she covered her bump in a black parachute dress from her own Spring/Summer 2011 collection - the original dress was in purple, but a similar maxi dress is available online at Net-A-Porter. I like the smooth hair, it's a nice look.

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Jennifer Lopez in Zac Posen
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Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham
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red-arrowVictoria Beckham as seen on Victoria Beckham
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