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Shopping Spot: Buy Givenchy white & black feather dress online as seen on Kim Kardashian & Petra Ecclestone at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards held at Gibson Amphitheatre, Los Angeles on August 7th.

You might call this the battle of the socialites in a Givenchy feather skirt dress!

As spotted last month, Petra Eccleston - socialite and now-owner of the most expensive home in Beverly Hills - wore this white and black feather dress by Givenchy to the F1 Party held at the Natural History Museum in London. At the time you could buy the dress online at Selfridges.

Fast forward one month, and we have that other socialite (but very busy working girl!) Kim Kardashian, attending the 2011 Teen Choice Awards. The Kardashians arrived en masse, including Kendall and Kylie, who are certainly getting their share of attention on this season's 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'. I have to say that family knows how to create a brand better than anyone.

Both Petra and Kim opted for unique hairstyles - Petra with a rather complicated half up-half down, and Kim in a classic topknot. If you can wear a topknot, go for it.. we are certainly seeing more of them on celebrities lately. And why not? It's a gorgeous hairstyle! Oh, and you can still buy the dress online at - photos and link below..

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Kim Kardashian in Givenchy
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Petra Ecclestone in Givenchy
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petra ecclestone givenchy dress kim kardashian
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