Spot: Gucci black & white polka dot sheer gown as seen on Olivia Wilde at the UK premiere of 'Cowboys & Aliens' held at the O2 Arena.

Olivia Wilde continues to dominate the fashion pages, promoting Cowboys & Aliens with a series of ever-changing looks.. and last night she gave us another terrific one to add to the list!

She walked the red carpet at the UK Premiere of 'Cowboys & Aliens' looking pretty darn good in Gucci. This is from the Fall/Winter 2011 runway - the collection that was (partly) inspired by Florence Welch. Olivia's dress was dramatic - long sleeve black sheer with white polka dots, and contrasting bright white tie with black polka dots at the neck. She nearly had a wardrobe malfunction, but managed to keep everything in place!

As usual, what jumps out at me about Olivia is how she styles each & every look in a completely different way. The dress is terrific, but how about that hair and makeup? She manages to pull off a Brigitte Bardot inspired 60s look, complete with the hairband and flawless makeup. Check out the close up here.. once again, she totally changed her look with a new hairstyle.

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