Spot: 'LIVE! with Kelly' was back with a new episode on Monday, although it did seem to have been pre-recorded - I'm guessing the team is busy setting up in Banff, Canada, where the show will be broadcast next week. Kelly and her co-host Jerry O'Connell welcomed Kate Winslet and a very pretty Lily Collins.

Lily has been promoting her new Snow White film, "Mirror Mirror", and early reviews have been quite positive. It is supposed to be visually stunning , funny and completely family friendly. A fun alternative to "The Hunger Games", which is a little darker in topic!

Lily looked lovely on the show in pink and white, wearing a "cupcake dress" as Kelly called it - and it's much more than a cupcake, it's a stunning piece by Jason Wu. Ivory sleeveless top in a textured houndstooth, and a bubblegum pink skirt with major peplum and cascading back - it is quite major, and if you have to have it, you will find it online at both Neiman Marcus and, where sizes have already sold out!

Check out the stills of Lily and details on the dress below..

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red-arrowJason Wu as seen on Lily Collins
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lily collins jason wu live with kelly march 2012 lily collins dress live with kelly march 2012
Lily Collins in ivory & pink dress with peplum by Jason Wu on 'LIVE! with Kelly' - March 26th episode with co-host Jerry O'Connell.
lily collins dress live with kelly march 2012

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